Canabalt 2.0 is available now on the iTunes App Store as a free update! 8 new game modes, local multiplayer, achievements, new leaderboards, all sorts of good stuff! We’ve been working on it on and off since 2012, I hope you all dig it :) You may have also noticed that Canabalt is on sale for $0.99 until this Sunday, for I think the second time ever, so if you did want to spread the word, now would be a good time!

Also massive thanks to Rusty Moyher for coding up the vast majority of the changes, fixes and improvements. You might know his work from Retro Game Crunch or Box Cat - he’s the best!

Finally, for a very limited time, we have official Canabalt t-shirts courtesy Cotton Bureau - you can get a shirt with running business lady or running business dude in both men’s and women’s sizes for the next 2 weeks or so!

A Summary of Recent Developments

Things have been sort of insane around here. You’d be forgiven if you’d missed a news item or two… so here’s a quick recap:

There’s a few other things going on behind the scenes, but that’s most of what’s been happening! Canabalt iOS 2.0 should be ready really soon, but then we’re going to drop off the radar a bit until autumn. And don’t forget, you can support the ongoing development of Night in the Woods by pre-ordering the game right now!

Since we’ve been just a bit light on Finji-related announcements in the last 24 hours (err, make that last 6 hours), here’s another one: Overland also has an audio director!! Jocelyn Reyes joined our team last month, and has been hard at work developing the uncanny soundscape for our game. Overland is her first major game project, but you might recognize her from Morning Coffee or other Animal Phase projects. Her attention to detail and knack for finding the weird within the natural have already transformed this game, and we are so happy to be working with her! Keep an ear out for more from her in the coming months :)

Some exploratory concept art for Overland.

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this!! Here we go: let’s all give a warm official welcome to Overland's art director and lead artist Heather Penn! You might know her amazing work from UCLA Game Lab or The Classroom Aquatic kickstarter or this recent post about tea spirits. It’s been a real honor to work with her so far, and she’s already had a huge positive impact on the project. You will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Heather and the visual design of Overland in the coming months!

Eliss Infinity 1.1 is go!!

Phew! Got that review queue stuff sorted :) It is our great pleasure to announce that Eliss Infinity’s 1.1 update is live on iOS and available for the first time ever on Android! Steph has a full breakdown on his blog, but here’s the important links:

Interview w Steph Thirion


Steph Thirion, aka Little Eyes, aka Futumani, is an independent game maker and the creator of the classic touchscreen game Eliss. Steph grew up in Cameroon, France, Portugal and Spain, and currently resides in San Francisco, CA, where he built Eliss Infinity and is working on one-button constellation-er Faraway.

Full disclosure: I interviewed Steph last week in part to help show why I’m such a big fan of his, but also to show why Finji took on Eliss Infinity for Android as our most recent partner project. Steph is a remarkable creator and we are honored to be collaborating with him!

Finally, as you might imagine when you build every part of your games from scratch by yourself (more on that in a minute) you stay pretty busy. So I want to thank Steph for taking the time to answer my questions! Thanks, Steph :)

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