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Ok, so, it’s Monday, and I’m a little short on sleep, and GDC is steadily advancing like an unstoppable demon army from beyond the pale, so let’s announce what I’m working on for the rest of my life. What could possibly go wrong??


For almost 10 years we have been saving and scraping and learning and trying new things (and gotten some insanely lucky opportunities along the way) and having a few spectacular failures (and lots of little ones), all with the ultimate goal of getting to do exactly this: collaborate with who we want, when we want, on the games we love. Games like:



Overland is our newest project, and our first collaboration with Shay Pierce from Deep Plaid Games. The current prototype is a turn-based tactical survival game with some interesting narrative components. We will be sharing a lot more about this game in the coming months, but we are still building this team and are not ready to show screenshots or anything quite yet. We will be showing it behind closed doors at GDC 2014, and if that’s something you’re interested in please do not hesitate to contact us!



Hang on!! Finji isn’t making this game, what is this even doing here… well, I’m glad you asked. Night in the Woods is a beautiful new adventure game from animator Scott Benson and long-time Finji collaborator Alec Holowka, and Finji is helping to distribute the game on desktop and mobile platforms (and maybe others, but we’ll keep you posted). We’ll probably talk more about the specifics of the arrangement in the future, but basically our goal is to help pick up some of the admin and production work so Alec and Scott can focus on making the most magical game possible.

NITW is still in development and makes its playable debut at The Mix at GDC 2014, and if you like how it looks and want to support the game while Alec and Scott are still building it, you can pre-order the game over at the official NITW website.



Look familiar? The game formerly known as GRAVE has been (am I going to say it? I am) re-branded for a variety of reasons that we will undoubtedly explain on our weekly development tumblr. If you’re not familiar with it, Portico is a turn-based game in which players place and use traps to defend sacred gates hidden in a variety of labyrinthine ruins. Like NITW, the first publicly playable alpha of Portico debuts at The MIX at GDC 2014, if you want to see it in action!



I am still holding out hope that our claustrophobic game about loneliness, asphyxiation and strange wilderness is actually a sleeper hit. Capsule is a game that is not for everyone, but when it does find its audience, it really clicks. Robin Arnott (Deep Sea, SoundSelf) did all the audio and contributed to the game design, and the result is something that is definitely different from anything you’ve played before. It is also our first commercial title, and is available for direct purchase via the Humble Store (note: the site is not really hacked, that is just flavor text!).


Finji is just me, Adam Saltsman, and my long-time partner-in-crime Rebekah Saltsman, but we collaborate with a bunch of brilliant people from all over the place.

We are currently seeking another collaborator for Overland, and would like to specifically encourage 2D/3D generalist artists who might not fit the pervasive (but often hidden) requirement of being both white and male to consider applying.


We’ve had the honor of contributing to a lot of games that resonated with a wide audience: Canabalt, FEZ, Hundreds, Old Spice Saves the World, The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire, Alphabet, Gravity Hook, and more. Finji is what we’re doing now, and we’re raising the bar on ourselves, which hopefully isn’t a catastrophe.


Whoa whoa. People can make whatever they want, but at Finji our focus is on making new kinds of games with ethical business models. People that choose to support our work by purchasing our games are not a resource to be mined. Our goal is to make the best games we can and price them in such a way that our audience can afford to buy them and we can afford to continue making games. Maximizing revenue from our internal IP is not really a priority for us, since we can shore up shortfalls with short-term contract work.


Finji is internally funded, mostly by contract work from the last few years. Bootstrapped, I think, is the term. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to do this, and this is one of the reasons we’re hoping to extend some of the chances we’ve had to other folks.

We do not have any outside investment and currently do not have any plans to crowdsource. What this means for us is we make what we want, how we want it. This is great for us and hopefully good for our audience too.


If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around, I hope that some of you are even 10% as excited about this new venture as we are, and we’re looking forward to bringing you news and updates in the near future (though, honestly, probably mostly after GDC).

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